The Second Mirror: Twin

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Wu Zhe had never heard him say such a thing, until now suddenly realized, how? Never heard him say such a thing? Sometimes, a person never say tired, so people will acquiesce he will not be tired

Suddenly, the sound of the water seemed to disappear, and the air was filled with a thick white mist, gently wrapped. There was a voice panting violently in his ear, screaming restlessly and repressed: "Don't be silent, call my name, quickly, call my name, please.." Call my name.. "Wu Zhe?" yuan Lang was at a loss, as if he still stayed in the dark room of sniper training, calmly collapsed in the depression of three days and three nights; he still stayed on the island where he lived in the wild, biting a mud snail to pieces with its shell, and the salty and astringent sea water stung his dry and bleeding lips.. "Wu Zhe." The name came from the depths of the throat, like a long sigh, as if there was some power to soothe the soul, to give support in the desperate situation, to shine the light of hope in the darkness. Wu Zhe. Wu Zhe. yuan Lang repeated the name like some kind of groan. Once he persevered in a desperate situation, clenched his teeth, kept silent, and his will became as hard as steel in the inhuman grinding, but now, the hard heart wrapped in a vicious iron shell seems to have broken a corner, and there is a name in the soft surge. Very good, yuan Lang suddenly felt, at least, the next critical moment of life and death, he in addition to pure persistence, there is a person can miss, it will let the pale despair dyed color. The white mist in the air slowly dissipated, yuan Lang's face gradually became clear, Wu Zhe had woken up from the previous manic climax release, his movements became as gentle and delicate as usual, and he bent down and kissed every inch of his skin. yuan Lang's voice has a kind of psychedelic rhyme, Wu Zhe is even confused by the syllables of his name, his eyes are fascinated by his violently undulating chest, his moist lips,Horse weight lbs, his straight nose, and then. Everything has come to a halt. He saw a pair of eyes, dark as night and bright as morning. The background was dark and dazzling black, covered with a thick film of water. I don't know whether it was the tears in my eyes or the splashes of water. It was so quiet and condensed that it filled my eyes, but it didn't slip out. Thin fragments of light, refracted from the deepest part of the dark pool, seemed to shine through the glass in the silent air, because transparent and colorless, but more dazzling and pure than any color. Seemingly aware of the stagnation of his movements, yuan Lang's eyes slipped quietly and fell on Wu Zhe's face. The rippling lake water trembled slightly and overflowed a little, wetting his eyelashes. Wu Zhe? yuan Lang asked softly, and there was a kind of inquiry in his voice, a little distressed concern. Wu Zhe shed tears in these two words that he had heard thousands of times. He suddenly realized that in the first half of yuan Lang's life, that person had never let anyone see his fragile appearance; and throughout his life, he would never forget this face and the tears at this moment. yuan Lang raised his hand to wipe the tears from his eyes. This strange little devil always cries at this time. I will protect you! Wu Zhe suddenly said, with a hoarse firmness in his voice. Oh yuan Lang couldn't help laughing, but his smile gradually became dignified. Seeing the firm and blazing fire in Wu Zhe's eyes, he smiled again: "Well, Diameter tape measure ,Walking measuring wheel, then you have to work harder." As a result, the eyes slowly closed, the overflowing lake gave birth to layers of ripples, and finally rushed out of the lakeshore, tears from the cheeks quietly down. I'm a little tired. Let me sleep for a while! Hold me tight! Some people, say the words like a curse, every word is, can not be disobeyed. Wu Zhe put a bathtub full of hot water and helped yuan Lang in, saying that he had never been so grateful to his mother's petty bourgeoisie tone in his life. He bought a huge bathtub in Shanghai, where land is expensive, and then he would not take a bath once a month. Mom, let me help you get Ben back. When Wu Zhe slipped carefully into the water, he murmured in his mouth. yuan Lang's eyelids trembled slightly, and the corners of his mouth raised a smile, but he did not open his eyes. Wu Zhe knew that he was not asleep, but at this time it was a more pure and thorough state than sleeping, he just lay there quietly, the water over his chest, his head slightly back on the edge of the bathtub, revealing a slowly sliding throat. Breathing, unusually calm breathing, chest slowly rising and falling. Wu Zhe felt that as long as he inserted a finger into the gap between yuan Lang's third and fourth ribs, he would die. The agile cheetah, the ferocious grey wolf, put away everything he had at the moment, all the sharp edges of arrogance, all the powerful killing, and all the wisdom, treachery and cunning. Become as simple and white as a baby. He said he was tired! Wu Zhe had never heard him say such a thing, until now suddenly realized, how? Never heard him say such a thing? Sometimes, a person never say tired, so people will acquiesce he will not be tired; sometimes, a person is always tough, so we believe he will not fall. Life needs hard work, but sometimes it also needs rest. Few people know that the heart that seems to be beating all the time is actually relaxing most of the time. The strongest lion on the grassland, most of his life is basking in the sun, while the fastest cheetah is always sleeping lazily. Wu Zhe lay sideways beside yuan Lang, one hand sinking under the water, the other hand, fingers slowly sliding over yuan Lang's chest awl. Indulgence is always a little good, at least in the moment after the end, will make people become undistracted, Wu Zhe's lips fell on yuan Lang's skin, slowly and gently, this is a kiss without any desire, gently touch, encounter scars tangled place, then slightly stay. yuan Lang's expression has been very calm, calm smile, as if there is a kind of soft light from inside, he slowly raised his hand, wet palm in Wu Zhe's hair rubbed, put the head on his shoulder. Then, everything is completely quiet, only the thin sound of water, gurgling, water waves slowly rise and fall with the frequency of their breathing,Fiberglass tape measure, warm as body temperature liquid wrapped around the whole body, like a mother's womb, the most extreme calm. 18.。