Crazy and handsome man

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If the women of the four seasons know about this, I don't know how they will react?" Xiaoru's eyes glided flexibly.

"White Snake, of course. He can lead such an all-powerful organization, and his identity is so extraordinary. If I have half of his ability, I won't have to grimace here. I can't help you!" She chagrined. Xun Tinglie's face changed slightly. "Where is the Purple Eagle?"? What did you say about him? Xiaoru frowned. "Everyone says that he is both good and evil. He kills people without contempt. He has a unique character. But to be honest, just listening to them talking about Purple Eagle makes me get goose bumps all over my body. So I don't like Purple Eagle very much." Xun Tinglie's hands clenched slightly, and there was a slight chill in the air. Listen to Xiaoru's feeling of purple eagle is not very good, Xun Tinglie began to hesitate to tell his identity, once let Xiaoru know his identity, will not be scared to escape? Her reaction was beyond his control. What's the matter? Is there something wrong? Xiao Ru could feel the unstable molecules in the air, and she touched his clenched fist. If I say that Yu Fan's identity is White Snake, Ting Ze is Black Eagle, Ting is Blue Eagle, and Ting Chang is Red Eagle, do you believe it? After all, he still didn't tell his identity directly. She stared round and propped herself up. "What are you talking about? They are." She was too surprised to speak. He answered with a solemn nod. Believe it, of course! She was suddenly enlightened and said, "No wonder Tingchang is so good at kung fu. So she is the head of the Red Eagle Hall. I didn't expect your brother,4 person jacuzzi, sister, and friends to be so powerful!" After listening to his words, Xiaoru felt very relieved about his situation, because even if the sky fell, there would be a group of clanging characters to help him stand up. She finally showed a reassuring smile, no wonder Tinglie can be calm in the face of such a crisis, if it were her,Whirlpool bathtub, she would trust the ability of that group of people to handle affairs. Xiaoru, can't you hear the meaning of my words? Xiao Ru looked at him suspiciously when she was happy. Don't you think one of the eagles I just mentioned is missing? "Right, you don't say, I didn't think of, is less purple eagle that person, but this is not surprising, Ding Yufan and your brother and sister's strong enough to cover him, more or less he a person does not matter, now I very much believe that you will not be in danger, but just in case, you still be careful." She pressed her cheek against his chest and listened to his strong heartbeat. Xun Tinglie gave a low roar of frustration, "Didn't you think that the identity of the Purple Eagle was me?" She jumped up. "What do you mean, garden jacuzzi tub ,endless pool swim spa, you're a purple eagle?!" "That's right." He finally said it. But Xiaoru's reaction hurt his heart too much. Oh, MyGod, I was just saying that you are not, I did not expect you to be the Purple Eagle himself, I. Just pretend you didn't hear what I said. I'm going to sleep. Xiaoru buried her face in the quilt and dared not come out to see anyone. Look how big a joke she made, even in front of the parties to say that he is not, but also the man she likes, such an embarrassing thing, she can not face up to Tinglie, had to put themselves into the quilt. It's too late. I've heard it clearly. How can you compensate me for what happened just now and speak ill of me?! He didn't let her go easily and insisted on her compensation. I didn't know Purple Eagle was you. If you had told me earlier, I wouldn't have said those words. She hid in the quilt and shouted. See how I punish you! Xun Tinglie lifted the quilt, kissed her lips, which were slightly open because of her consternation, and when she had no time to react, he quickly pushed down her body and played adult games with his hands irregularly. A storm finally came to an end under the heart of two people. Eyes, nose, ears and mouth, are so lovable! Xiaoru smiled sweetly and stared at Xun Tinglie's sleeping face. After a few days, the bad mood finally returned to normal under the honesty of the two people. No wonder people say that the mood of love is sometimes good and sometimes bad. She and Tinglie are like this. Without each other's strong support and comfort, they may not be able to do anything well, just like the close connection between needle and thread. Without one party, things can not reach the perfect state. Xun Tinglie opened a pair of shining eyes and just caught her snickering face. You like to laugh so much, huh? He took her into his arms with a smile and kissed her on the forehead. Of course, how can I not smile when I see a handsome man sleeping so seductively? He stiffened his face. "Don't ever say the word handsome man in front of me again." From the mouth of Xiaoru, he felt as if it was a kind of irony, do not like to hear! "Why can't you say?" "I don't feel right when you say these three words!" "Oh, the head of the Purple Eagle Hall is also afraid that people will say he is a handsome man. If the women of the four seasons know about this, I don't know how they will react?" Xiaoru's eyes glided flexibly. How dare you How dare not? If I tell them that I know the most mysterious person in the Eagle Club, they will envy me to death. I actually know some of the most sensational people in the Eagle Club, and I'm in love with the Purple Eagle. If your supporters know about it, I don't know what will happen? "What advocate?" Xun Tinglie smiled and kissed her on the lips. A day's plan lies in the morning, and if you want to have a good mood, you have to be accompanied by a beautiful woman. Stealing a few kisses in a row made him feel so good that he was going to fly to the sky. In the four seasons, White Snake and Three Eagles, as well as one named Tiger Roaring, all have their own supporters. She is fond of talking about all kinds of sisters in the organization. "Although I don't know much about Tiger Roaring, his supporters are no less than you, or even better." Xun Tinglie sneered from his nostrils, "If you have a chance another day, I'll let you know Tiger Roaring!" Xiaoru hesitated,endless swim pool, "do you know Tiger Roaring, too?" "Not only do we know each other, but also his feelings with Yu Fan are used by us as a topic after dinner." "Oh?" She showed a rather interested expression. I'll tell you another day when I have a chance. 。