Urgent Care Rancho Cucamonga: Choice for urgent medical attention

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West Point Medical Center is offering Telemedicine and Drive up COVID 19 Testing at all of our urgent care loctaions.

A dire need for immediate medical attention can arise at any point in time. You could be far away from home or unable to reach your regular physician. If your condition is life-threatening, reach out to 911 as soon as possible, but if the condition is not life-threatening, you can call our Urgent Care Rancho Cucamonga.

Urgent Care Rancho Cucamonga provides one of the best urgent care facilities for people. Some of the most common health conditions seen at our urgent care center are:

Cuts or small wounds       

Small burns

Back pain

Earache or sinus pain



And much more.

Our urgent care services are not limited to the list above but are only for treating non-life-threatening conditions. If you have a life-threatening medical situation, call 911 immediately.

Benefits of choosing our Urgent Care Services

Urgent care centers are made to treat non-life-threatening medical conditions. At our center, you can simply walk in unscheduled and get your medical condition treated. The best doctors are always present to see your health conditions and provide you with the best treatment.

You can also reach out to our Tele-Health services to get advice from experts by simply telling them your health symptoms or getting the location of the nearest urgent care center, or maybe setting up a scheduled meeting with our on-site physicians.

Reach out to us at (909) 481-3909.