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Modalert medication has been around since 2003. It was manufactured by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., India.

Modalert 200, just like its brother, Modvigil, is an alternative to Provigil, the famous drug for treating conditions such as.'

Excessive sleepiness caused by narcolepsy or shift work sleep disorder (sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome).

Modalert 200 is considered one of the most effective treatments

Among all other drugs for improving wakefulness and cognitive function in patients with excessive daytime sleepiness.

Modalert 200 contains Modafinil, a prescription medicine that belongs to a class of drugs called eugeroics or wakefulness-promoting agents.

Modalert is effective even without caffeine simultaneously, which has made many people use it as substitutes for coffee scores.  

Apart from this, Modafinil is being used by the US Military to help soldiers stay alert and focused on missions. The Air Force, Navy, and Marines are some of the biggest military institutions that use Modalert to keep their pilots and soldiers sharp.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


In recent times, Modalert has been gaining a lot of traction in the world of academics. In fact, students who take Modalert claim it’s the closest thing to Adderall that doesn’t require a prescription. Many professors are starting to notice and some even allow students to use it in exams instead of risking academic cheating.

Uses of Modalert

It is used in specific conditions -

Narcolepsy: Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that attacks a person's sleep/wake cycle. People with narcolepsy experience a sudden loss of muscle tone throughout their bodies during sleep or while waking up. This sudden loss of muscle tone is described as cataplexy.

Obstructive sleep disorders - Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder involving repetitive episodes of upper airway collapse during sleep, leading to breathing pauses or gasps.

How Modalert works

Modafinil is thought to work in two ways: first, it increases histamine levels in your brain, resulting in increased activation of wakefulness receptors.

Second, it inhibits GABA receptors, resulting in decreased activity in the parts of your brain responsible for sleep.

Most common benefits of Modalert

It works effectively -

Modalert is a strong, smart drug that functions very quickly with a more efficient activity than any other nootropic.

It keeps you productive all-day

Modalert is excellent when you need 8 to 10 hours of productivity while keeping your attention all day long. It has great nootropic effects and will keep you awake while helping you with tasks related to work, study or whatever you do.

Enhances your cognition activity -

Modalert will change your life forever. Modalert 200 is one of the best pharmaceutical drugs globally. It will increase your cognition and productivity. It will enhance wakefulness, vigilance, memory, and learning. Modalert is one of the finest Modafinil forms. It always makes you productive because it increases the working process of planning and organizing in your mind.

The tablet acts as a supplement to improve the brain's performance and kicks you start your day. It has some great ingredients to make your mind fresh and give you the drive to do your work.

Side effects of Modalert

While taking the drugs, there is always the chance that you will experience side effects. But don’t worry, with Modalert, the side effects are very less, and they aren't permanent.

You should only expect things like

  • headaches,


  • stomachaches,


  • Stuffy noses


  • Nausea


  • Dizziness

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