Choose the Best Bathtubs company in India

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Bathtub company and Manufacturer of designer whirlpool baths, steam baths, sauna, hot tubs, showers. Also distributor for various brands in India.

Some distributors and retailers imply or actually state they are the manufacturer of the bathtub when they are not. Verify this information. Ask lots of questions.


Additionally, many on-line vendors advertise long guarantees on Walk In Bathtubs company that are the retailer/vendor's own guarantees NOT the manufacturer's. The actual manufacturer's guarantee is usually substantially shorter in duration than that being advertised by the retailer. 


Also, in most cases, if you need parts or have other issues that need to be addressed during the actual manufacturer's guarantee time frame and that manufacturer is in China or England, it can take a very long time, sometimes months, to get satisfaction from overseas. Again, ALL of the Walk In Best Bathtubs company in India we sell are made in the U.S. or Canada, and all come with the manufacturer's guarantees and/or warranties, not ours.


Buying products made in North America where manufacturers are compelled to adhere to certain standards and can be legally held accountable is much more prudent than purchasing imports and supports the U.S. Economy.


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