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There are a few common items in our lives that are used in multiple places. They have so many uses that a person can hardly mention all kinds of uses of such a versatile product. One such product is the household, majorly kitchen equipment, the humble knife. 

Knives have been used since humans started developing intelligence that made them different from other species. The sharpening of stones can serve as proof of people using them as crude knives From cutting ropes to vegetables we cannot even think how handy a knife can be.

People like collecting knives, It is a famous hobby as well. They can like kitchen knives if they are a cooking enthusiast or defense personnel who uses a knife as their choice of protection weapon. 

A lot of variations have been made in the field of knives according to the field. Like the material. shape, durability, sharpness, design, etc. 

Ernie’s Tools a Construction Supply Online Shop has some of the best knives that can be found online. They follow the parameters that are mentioned above and more. The latest addition includes multiple knives from a company called Boker. 

It is a world-famous brand. Based in Germany, it also has its branch in the USA. They are known for providing high-quality, durable, and fashionable knives. Which makes them a market for collectors as well. 

The latest collection is available online to buy. Any collectors out there shouldn't miss this chance.