Delta Cancellation Policy

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Call us at +1-332-699-4898 to cancel your flight and apply for a refund and know Delta cancellation policy, fees, and the new travel waivers you may qualify for According to Delta Airlines cancellation policy passengers can get a refund if their Flight Is Cancelled Within 24 Hours of depar

Delta Cancellation Policy


Delta Airlines has eliminated all penalties associated with canceling your flight. Delta Cancellation Policy is applicable to any kind of ticket that is purchased by the consumer. If for any reason you need to hold off on your trip, you can cancel it online via the website, mobile app, or Call Us directly. Read the entire guide on Delta cancellations and refunds below:

Delta Airlines Cancellation Policy

Sometimes plans change and there's a need to cancel the flight reservation. There were many charges for the cancellation of an airline ticket, but not now. Because of the Pandemic in order to offer more flexibility to passengers and to make cancellations more flexible, all charges have been removed.

Non-Refundable Tickets

If the ticket you booked is non-refundable there will be no cancellation charge. The amount, however, will not be refunded and will be given to you as a credit to use for travel later on. Be sure to read the delta cancellation policy non refundable carefully.

Refundable Ticket

In accordance with Delta Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, There is no cancellation fee when you cancel a refundable flight. If you've purchased a refundable ticket and want to change your plans, you may choose to cancel the ticket and ask for reimbursement or apply it to credit for the future.

Awards Tickets

If you've booked an Award Travel Ticket with Miles you are able to cancel it 72 hours prior to departure. The cancellation or change of flight cost of the Award Travel Ticket is $150. It is possible to cancel or change the date of your Award Travel Ticket at no cost if you're a Diamond or Platinum Medallion member. The only requirement is that you log into your account to make changes or cancel the flight at least 72 hours prior to departure. If you are unable to make a cancellation of the Award Travel Ticket up to 72 hours prior to the departure time, it is non-refundable.

Delta 24 Hour Cancellation Policy

After completion of 24 hours risk-free cancelation policy, you get a refund depending upon the ticket type. Delta flight cancellation policy varies in accordance with the non-refundable or refundable ticket kind.

In the event of cancellation of tickets that are refundable, you can apply for an application for a Delta credit reimbursement. Fill out an application form, you can request credit or a refund. Delta refundable main cabin tickets are eligible to receive a full refund upon cancellation.

In the same way, tickets that are non-refundable cannot be eligible for refunds. Delta 24 hour Cancellation Policy works when the tickets are cancelled after 24hrs of booking, you will be issued a credit that can be applied to the subsequent Delta flight reservation.

Delta Award Ticket Cancellation Policy

If you've purchased the Delta flight ticket with award miles you may be thinking. Can Delta flights that are booked using the award miles refundable? It all depends on what you are entitled to in Delta SkyMiles such as

  • If the ticket was booked through SkyMiles.
  • Tickets can be booked using both miles and cash. The cash component is not refundable.
  • Transfer of flights with Miles (only subject to the Delta flight cancellation policy of 24 hours)

Delta Weather Cancellation Policy

According to the Delta Airlines ticket cancellation policy, if your flight is canceled because of extreme weather conditions, you will be allowed to change the date of your flight (or the flight that was offered in its place) and receive a complete refund.