Capital One pattern feature for login

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You might already be having a Capital One account and also be using the net banking feature of the same. But as we all know logging in can sometimes be a really difficult task if you have somehow forgotten the password.

Guess what? Capital One login becomes easier than ever as now you can use patterns instead of complicated passwords (which you are more likely to forget) in the Capital One mobile app so you must download it and start using it.


The 2 main issues which they are trying to address are

  1. Security while paying bills- While using the net banking feature of any bank the priority of the user is 100 % security and so must be yours. The good news is that now you don’t need to worry about that at all as Capital One is taking full care of that for all its users.

  2. To make the sign-in process effortless for the users-The new feature makes the sign-in process absolutely effortless for you.



You will be able to create a totally unique pattern by finger tracing in a matrix dot system.

 Next time, you can simply enter the registered username, trace the same pattern and log in effortlessly.

Like many others, creating passwords and remembering them might be complicated for you too and that is the reason behind the launch of this new pattern feature.

This new feature for Capital One Login takes the pattern input twice and once the input is given the pattern and the unique device identities both are stored in the Capital One database. 



At this point you might be very clear and excited about the new feature and might also be convinced about getting started with the Capital One mobile app but before you do it let us brief you about some more already existing benefits of the app and they are: 

  • Statements can be accessed and activity can be viewed in the blink of an eye.

  • Customized notifications help you stay in sync with the bank account from anywhere in the world.

  • Real-time account activity can be accessed anytime.

Now we have articulated to you how Capital One login using the Capital One mobile app can be really safe and effortless. So go, start using the app and have a safe banking experience.