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The Google search engine is the most popular search engine around the world,[1] as it is used in more than 88% of Internet searches through it,[2] and search engines are defined as computer programs based on the Internet through which large amounts of data and information are collected. It

Get rid of Google ads across the web
The user cannot stop displaying all ads that appear through the Google search engine, but it is possible to get rid of some ads that appear during the search process through Google, by following the following steps:

Placing the mouse pointer on the advertisement that appears via Google, specifically on the Info option, which appears in the form of an inverted exclamation mark.
Click on the Why this ad option.

disable showing the ad again; Where it is possible to stop watching some ads completely while the advertiser can be blocked for some other ads.
Note: It is possible to disable the appearance of ads on some sites that have a kind of partnership with Google, by clicking on the removal sign (X) that appears at the top of the ad, then clicking on the option to stop seeing this ad, or clicking on The option to report this ad.

Get rid of Google ads over the phone
Google allocates for devices running the Android operating system a custom advertising system that is directed to each user according to his interest, and it is not possible to completely stop showing these ads over the phone, but it is possible to opt out of directing customized and targeted ads by following the following steps:

Open the Settings menu on the Android device.
Click on the Google option that appears under the Personal section.
Clicking on the activation button next to the Opt out of Ads Personalization option.

Get rid of google ads via chrome browser
It is possible to get rid of the ads that appear through the Google search engine when using the Google Chrome search engine, by using special tools to block all advertisements through this browser, such as (AdBlock) and (Adblock Plus), and the following steps explain how to use Adblock Plus tool to get rid of the appearance of all ads, including Google ads, through the Google Chrome browser:

Navigating through the Google Chrome browser to the electronic page through which the Adblock Plus tool can be accessed. This page can be accessed by clicking on the following link: click here.

Click on the Get Adblock Plus tool for Chrome, which is (Get Adblock plus for chrome).
Choose the Add To chrome option.
Choose the Add extension option.
Start activating the (Adblock Plus) tool, by clicking on the red flag icon that was recently added to the top of the Google Chrome screen, then clicking on the Options option, then deselecting the check box that appears next to the Allow Acceptable Ads option. ads).


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