bitFlyer: fabricating a new world of digital assets

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There are several other exchanges that allow and encourages investor and attract potential traders to come and trade in crypto funds.

The world is switching to technology and advancement in every term. Performing tasks at home or at work, we all have become highly dependent upon technology and are getting influenced by the virtual world.

Who thought that one day, the way of investing will also become digitalized and above all the currency will also become virtually available?

But it happened…

A large number of the world’s population are engaged in the trade of digital assets and for this several exchanges entered into the virtual world of cryptocurrencies. With this, a crypto exchange took birth in Japan also, named bitFlyer.

Just like other exchanges it also bridges the gap between the investor and the virtual assets, but today we will learn what features make it different from the other crypto exchanges.

Why go with bitFlyer?

There are several other exchanges that allow and encourages investor and attract potential traders to come and trade in crypto funds. But what are the exceptional features that this exchange is offering which is quite distinct from the other existing platform?

To answer this, we have done an in-depth analysis of the exchange. The features that make this exchange stand out among the other exchanges are as follows:

  1. Easy navigation and no trading fees: The exchange is designed in a manner to simplify the action of the user and eliminate the situation of chaos in the user’s mind. Not only this, but the exchange has also taken an initiative to remove the trading fees, encouraging more and more investors to become a participant in the crypto world.

It should be remembered that the facility of zero trading fees applies to the buying and selling activities taking place on this platform and not on the “Lightening” one.

  1. Follows the industry’s leading security standards: The other feature that makes this exchange highly acceptable among crypto investors is that it works in compliance with the industry’s highest security standards. This directs that the funds of the investors are in the right hand and are secure.

In addition to this, all the funds of the investors are stored in cold storage spaces, making your funds highly secure and safe.

  1. Be a part of the crypto trade with little investment: You need require to have ample funds in your hands to become a part of the trade. You can begin your trade journey with popular cryptocurrencies even by investing a handful of funds (€1).

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bitFlyer ranks among the top exchanges in Japan in terms of Bitcoin trading volume from the past few years, setting a benchmark and giving tough competition to the other exchanges.

One of the remarkable records that this exchange has set up a benchmark in the crypto industry is that to date there has been no hacking incident registered with the platform.