Online banking experience of Bank of America

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Two decades back there existed nothing called Online banking and all the work related to banking was done manually. But now it has become a permanent and very important part of our lives. So in this blog, we are going to highlight and explain some of the key features and benefits of online banking with reference to Bank of America which can be used once you are done with the #Bank of America login process.

Features of online banking mode of Bank of America

  1. Management of account: Now management of account has become easier than ever as all the tools required for doing the same are just one click away if you use the online banking feature of Bank of America once you have done the Bank of America login.
  2. Payments and Money transfers: Now payment of bills and money transfers between accounts have become really simple. All you need to have for doing the same is an internet connection. And, now you can also exchange money with people who don’t have accounts in the same bank using Zelle.
  3. Taking charge of finances: Now you can do a clear analysis of your finances using the spending and budgeting options. This way you will be able to create a budget and take charge of your financial activity.
  4. Secure banking: Now keeping your account safe is not a difficult task at all as features like fingerprint scan is offered to you when using the online banking mode of Bank of America. You can very conveniently request a new card in case you lose your card and also get it locked if you want. In addition, you can change your Bank of America login details at any point in time.
  5. Advantage of the mobile versionNow you will be able to take a full-fledged banking experience on your mobile itself as you will get access to all the tools and options of banking in the online banking mode. And in the case of confusion with something in the banking process, you can very easily approach Erica (online financial advisor) for help and you will get a satisfying response for sure.
  6. Demos for helpNow direct access is available to topics demos which will help you learn different features related to the online banking mode of Bank of America.


We have tried our level best to give you clear explanations of the main features and benefits you get to experience when using the online banking mode of Bank of America. We hope you make full use of this information and get benefitted from it in the best possible way.