How do I access my PayPal account login?

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PayPal is a massive online payment service provider. As an account that deals with your money, you’ll probably want to keep it as secure as possible.

Can I cancel a payment or order via PayPal Login?

Broadly, PayPal Login is used to carry out monetary transactions. PayPal is an American financial technology company dealing in making online payments and other monetary activities. The platform acts as an alternative way of carrying out monetary transactions replacing paperwork. The company offers online monetary services for both Individuals and businesses. You can carry out the operation via the web or a mobile application.

But there are certain situations wherein the user experience dilemma and don’t make a decision. Today, we will discuss one of the most confusing situations to give the users a clear idea of what they have to do if they ever come across a situation of whether they should cancel the order or not.

Let’s first understand whether the user can cancel the order or not.

When can you cancel the order or payment?

To cancel a payment or order depends upon a certain situation. If the payment has already been completed and the same is reflected in the payment status then you cannot make any changes and go to cancel a payment because it is already completed, which means that the payment has been successfully received by the recipient. What you can do in this case is to directly contact the receiving party and ask them to refund the same.

The other situation is where the payment status reflects “pending” or “Unclaimed” then you can no doubt go ahead to cancel the order as the payment hasn’t been received or accepted by the other party. If the “Cancel” button is visible on the “Activity Page” then you can surely go to cancel a pending payment.

Below are the steps to cancel the pending payment via the mobile app:

  1. Go for the PayPal login
  2. Next, move to the “See Activity” section
  3. Select the payment that you wish to cancel
  4. Hit on “Cancel Payment”

These steps will help you in canceling the unclaimed payment. However, if the payment status reflects “Unclaimed” for 30 days then the transaction will get canceled automatically and the amount will also get refunded.

NOTE: If you didn’t process this payment then you can report to the Resolution Center about an unauthorized transaction.

Final verdict

You can easily resolve the “Unclaimed” or “Pending” payment issue simply by completing the PayPal login process and then going through the steps that are mentioned above for canceling the order. You can even get help from the customer team for further guidance.

Moreover, it should be noted that the Resolution Center is not available for the PayPal app, but you can avail of their benefits using PayPal through the website on your computer/laptop device.