Word Hurdle is a word game based on the popular Wordle game

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Word Hurdle is a word game based on the popular Wordle game

Word Hurdle, available at no cost, is a great way to exercise your brain and take some time for yourself. In word hurdle, you will encounter a wide variety of novel situations.

All ages can enjoy Word Hurdle because to its straightforward rules. You can start playing straight away without any prior preparation or practice.
The game's user interface consists of a grid of 6x6 squares, one for each letter of the secret word. The fact that you can make as many mistakes as you like and then fix them until you discover the right term makes this game special. A blue "correct" letter and "correct" place will be shown if you guessed correctly. If the proper letter is entered in the wrong spot, the screen will turn yellow; otherwise, it will show gray if the word you predicted is utterly wrong.

One of word hurdle's defining features is that the incorrectly predicted colors will always be displayed on the keys' screen. After correctly guessing all of the columns, you can move on to coloring in your keyboards.

An excellent tool for discovering current buzzwords and hot topics is Word Hurdle. Simply enter some text and you'll be provided with a gorgeous visual representation of the words you entered.