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Concrete Groove Cutter Machine Electric: This Semi-Automatic machine which is driven by manual force cuts a depth of 5 inch in the concrete due to its sharp and precise blades of 14 inch and 20 inch. The water tank capacity of this machine is up to 30 litre

Sun Industries is a Construction equipment manufacturing firm based in Ahmedabad, Gujrat. We are able to manufacture and sell Concrete Groove Cutter Machine due to our extensive industry experience and vast resources. All of our items are made with top of the line materials. Our production facility is well-equipped with the most up-to-date machinery for producing these devices. And the Groove Cutter manufactured by us, is designed to meet the demands of the construction industry of modern times.


Groove Cutters are tools that are used to carve small grooves in a piece of work. A Concrete Groove Cutter Machine 15hp Electric is a tool that may be used to modify the width of a groove and can be disassembled if necessary. Hand tools were used to engrave in the past, which were time consuming, laborious, inaccurate, and dangerous. Cutting and engraving procedures become easier with the introduction of grooving equipment.

A new concrete mixture is a liquid, pliable material that can be shaped into almost any form, but the volume of the material shrinks as it solidifies. Stress concentrations emerge inside the concrete section when contraction is restricted by contact with underlying soils, particulate fill, adjoining structures, or reinforcing within the concrete. While concrete has a high compressive strength, its tensile strength is just 8 to 12 percent of its compressive strength. Tensile forces, in fact, work against the concrete's poorest feature. Concrete cracks as a result of this.

Placement of contraction/control joints in the concrete surface at predefined locations to produce weaker planes where the concrete can fracture in a straight line is the most extensively used method for controlling random cracking in concrete slabs. Because the fissure occurs beneath the completed concrete surface, the result is aesthetically attractive. Although the concrete has cracked, which is usual, the lack of random fractures on the surface provides the impression of an undamaged part.

The Cement Concrete Groove Cutter supplied offers optimal functional assistance and is used in cutting areas such as pavements or trench excavation. This machine is perfect for carving contraction or control joints in hard concrete, and cutting asphalt.

Contraction/control joints are used to prevent random cracking in concrete slabs.

Its little weight makes it simple to operate by one person. Because the grooving machine is equipped with a regulated mechanism, it provides exact needed depth cuts.

Our grooving machine has a high degree of precision and is of a certified quality.


Groove Cutting is a technique for creating control joints in concrete to direct splits along a specified path, as well as to accept concrete movements and prevent cracking and protracted damage. Concrete expands and contracts regularly in response to variations in temperature, air moisture levels, and shrinkage caused by cement hardening. The motions produce stress in the concrete, which can lead to fractures and destabilisation of the foundation. Uncontrolled splitting can result in an irregular terrain that wears down over time and allows water to seep in, causing harm to the foundation. Although fracture development is very hard to avoid, it may be managed. The goal of Groove Cutting is to weaken the slab along a predefined line, causing it to break there rather than elsewhere. Grooving is commonly used to handle high volume of traffic on highway bridges, airport runways, parking stations, and other paved areas. Concrete grooving reduces skid resistance dramatically, adding to the general safety of highways and airports.


The Concrete Groove Cutter Machine is made up of a sturdy frame with wheels, a water tank, and an engine or motor. The engine or motor is attached to a shaft via a pulley, which rotates the spindle and houses the cutting blade. The machine's tip may be moved vertically and horizontally by a screw drive, putting pressure on the cutting blade. Water from the water tank is sprayed on the blade to cool it down while carving concrete. To safeguard the motor, there's also an online electrical start. The wheel allows the machine to move forward and backward.

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The following characteristics of Concrete Groove Cutter are well-known:

  1. Superior performance with a long service life
  2. Resistance to abrasion
  3. For asphalt or concrete floors, wet and dry cutting is possible.
  4. Indicator of rate and depth of cut
  5. Cut marker with a single direction
  6. Blade shield that can be removed.


  1. Concrete Groove Cutter Machine Electric: This Semi-Automatic machine which is driven by manual force cuts a depth of 5 inch in the concrete due to its sharp and precise blades of 14 inch and 20 inch. The water tank capacity of this machine is up to 30 litre and it is powered by a motor of Phase 3 which produces a power of 7.5 Horse Power. This motor is so powerful that it produces 1440 to 2800 Rotation Per Minute.


  • Concrete Groove Cutter Machine Diesel Engine: This semi automatic machine driven by manual force is powered by a 5 Horse Power Greaves Diesel engine which produces up to 3000 Rotations Per Minute and cuts a depth of 5 inch with its 14 inch and 20 inch blades. This machine has a water carrying capacity of up to 30 litres in the tank attached to its body.


  • Concrete Groove Cutter Machine Chain Type: This machine is semi automatic and is driven using a chain. This tool produces up to 3000 Rotation Per Minute as it is powered by a 5 Horse Power Greaves Diesel Engine. This has a water tank capacity of 40 litres and cuts a depth of 5 inch using its 14 inch and 20 inch blades.


  • Concrete Groove Cutter Machine VST Engine: This semi automatic, chain type machine has a water carrying capacity of 30 litres and cuts a depth of 12 inch using its 14 inch and 36 inch blades. This is powered by a VST Shakti 13 HorsePower motor which produces up to 2400 Rotations Per Minute.

The best part about all these types of Concrete Groove Cutter machines we offer for sale is that a diesel engine and an electric motor can be fitted in the same plate base.

We understand the changing needs of construction industry of the modern day

and thus owing to our vast experience in this genre of work and a belief in excellence our Concrete Groove Cutter machine is manufactured using a sturdy and durable materials that have been inspected well by our team to assure accurate, precise and simpler performance. Our Groove Cutter Machine is one of a kind. It helps to save you time, resources and requires less skilled workers for operation. If you wish to make your construction work just as unique, simple and flawless; contact us right away to order a Concrete Groove Cutting Machine for your construction work today!

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