How to change the mobile number registered on Zipmex?

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In the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies, constant innovation is the name of the game. In the world of cryptocurrencies, Zipmex has established a reputation as a reliable exchange platform where customers may earn greatly by employing various user-friendly features.

The Singapore-based digital currency exchange Zipmex is government-authorized and well-secure. Its main objective is to offer liquidity to holders and investors, charting methods for advanced trading experience and many other exclusive facilities. 

Well! Enough about the general topic, now you have got a notion about Zipmex, so we are going to elaborate on the high-point of this write-up- How can you change the mobile number that you registered at the time of your registration process? 

You may need to do this if you have stopped using your previous number or if you’d want to switch your mobile number. So in that case, there is a way to change your mobile number. 

Steps involved in changing the mobile number

If you want to change your registered mobile number for whatever reason, you may proceed by following the given steps.

  1. First and the foremost thing you have to do is get the change data form. If you don’t know where you can get this, follow the instructions further.
    1. Go to the official website, and navigate to the “Support Center” page.
    2. Where you should click “Account Management” “Change mobile number” “Download Change Data Form”.
    3. Now, you will get the pdf from here, get the printout of it.
  2. Fill out that form and sign in there in your handwriting.
  3. Now you will need a copy of that filled form with a note where you should write “For mobile number change in Zipmex from (your current number) to (your new number) only”.
  4. Click your selfie by holding your passport or NRIC card (Identity card).
  5. Now, send all of these documents to the support of Zipmex.

These documents are enough to begin the process of changing your mobile number. There is a point to note that in the meantime, you are not able to log in to your Zepmex account and this will going to take about 3 business days.

Bottom line!

If you are a Zipmex user, you can get the best and most seamless trading experience because of its straightforward interface and exclusive and state-of-art trading tools. 

In this read, I have driven a guide to change your mobile number registered on your Zepmex account. Hopefully, this read will provide enough understanding so that you will be able to change your mobile number easily.